Nothing That Can't Be Fixed

After I screwed up my son's Funky vest and for a long time couldn't bring myself to fix it, last Sunday the day came that I could overcome my psychological blockage. I frogged it down to where I thought I could fix it without frogging it further, meaning without going to the point where I had actually made the mistake of increasing one stitch too many (yes, one stitch, I'm a freaking perfectionist). I left half a pattern repeat almost intakt and only completely opened up the purple frog (my son likes to call the pattern Frogs Flying Together) that actually contained the mistake. So here the frogged piece with the whole purple frog on the left hand side removed. I had to also partly open up the pink frog.


And below the fixed purple frog. It wasn't easy because at first I couldn't quite figure out how to correctly draw the purple yarn through the loops of the pink frog to get the correct twist of both yarns at the back, and had to open that lower part up twice again before I got it right, but that was certainly better for my psychological wellbeing than having to open up everything down to the mistake.


I'm so chuffed. It took me less time than reknitting half the pattern repeat would have and I can now, at last, finally and again knit. Yes!